Friday, 15 February 2008

I got to work on valentines day and to my surprise, there on top of my desk was this beautiful rose in a campaign glass, there is 3 of us working in this area and we all got one, also a box of roses chockys and a box of hurshys kisses. It just made my day i can tell you,just goes to show there are still some lovely romantic men out there with kind hearts lol.


Mrs Frizz said...

It must have brought a smile to your face and will continue to do so while you can look at your rose ... awesome.

And the choccies ... devoured already or tucked away in the fridge ???

Carol said...

"devoured" i sheared them with every one that come by, i said HAPPY VALENTINES DAY" then asked
"would you like a KISS" i got a lot of different looks at this question lol, then i offered them a hurshies kiss chocolate lol.