Sunday, 8 June 2008

2 days to go

Well i only have 2 days to go then im of to Fiji to my niece's wedding, i have been so busy doing

layouts and working that i haven't done much about it as yet, so today i had to go out and find something to wear!! lol guess I'm a last minute Minnie to.

The stamped pick above is so cool, its like a little wheel so repeats the pattern over and over

which would be very cool for borders and joining picks to journaling etc I even did a few corners

with it lol. I was so intent on trying it i riped the pack open and now i cant tell you who makes them, i popped into the scrap studio on sunday as i needed more card stock and saw it sooooo

just had to have it of course hehe. I felling a little behind in general, have so much to do before i go

its scaring me lol.

I have finished my layout for challenge #2 Kelliefied layout but wont get to see them all together until i come back.