Wednesday, 7 January 2009

altered book tools

Move over Tim the tool man lol i have got some heavy duty altering tools now !!!
Went to the hardware store today and brought the items above. Things you will need

  • Good sharp knife like a box cutter/Stanly knife

  • Adhesives like glue sticks/double sided tape or a good paper glue

  • attachments like eyelets/staples/safety pins etc

  • inks/paints/pencils for colouring pages etc
  • clamps to hold pages together well they dry
  • something to seal pages with, i used a antique sealer last time and a spray sealer
  • for decorating use things like stamps/stencils/masks/stickers/different types of papers/ beads/tags/ribbon/lace/fabric/ Anything that takes your fancy really, just remember don't wont then overly chunky,if you do have something you wont to add that's chunky you can cut out a nish for it.

  • You can also drill holes in blocks of pages and screw them together, which i am going to try on my practice book first lol

  • And of course a book,you wont one with a hard cover

I have put up a few pictures to get you started. I will start a weekly post with information, as i do mine and take pictures, I will start this on Monday the 19th jan as i am away for a couple of days before i go back to work.If you decide to join me in my adventure i would really appreciate seeing what your doing and any tips you can pass on ,and if you have any questions hopefully i can help you with the answer. Im really looking forward to playing with that drill lol


Mrs Frizz said...

OMG Carol ... you are altering a book not building a house ... I'm still laughing, truly - you're priceless.

Look forward to the show and tell along the way.

Enjoy yur few days break.