Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fishing friend

Check this out, my son took these today well he was out fishing, this guy decided to hang around and cool is that. When hubby and i were younger we did a lot of diving and swam with dolphins a few times,they are so cool and friendly.....i miss those days, i couldn't even get into a wet suit now lol.
I haven't scraped tonight,i got home from work and felt sick,i think it was the heat today,it was so hot at work and its still hot now so I'm of for a shower to cool down and then finish of my layout I'm working on.


Sonya said...

LOVE the photos! Carol, I would hate to see me try and get into a wet suit now also!! Do hope you are feeling much better toady, I am all set to get my Journey LO done tonight, might catch you in the wee small hours!