Saturday, 22 August 2009

At last!!

Spring has sprung in my back yard sometime last week as our plum tree is covered in buds and flowers,it even felt a little like summer today.

when i went to Fiji last year for my nieces wedding,the Fijian lady (Barli) that looked after our room and her hubby (Isac) who also worked there,were so nice,i got to meet there little boy who was nearly 1 then and so interested in my Lilly white skin lol anyway to cut a long story short we got an e-mail saying they had a new baby girl and that they had named her "Carol" isn't that so cool,i have a name sake now,i fell so flattered.Any way just wonted to shear that with you.
Hope your having a lovely weekend.


Jane said...

Your Plum tree is doing better then mine Carol its still dormant..
Congrats on your name sake thats so lovely I'm sure you made such an awesome imperssion on that couple I hope they send you a photo of little Carol .

Sonya said...

That is awesome news Carol! Im thrilled for you. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way.