Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Here we have (back row)
my self,mum,Tiffany-my niece,then her mum (my older sister)
Philly,in front we have Keri,my sons girl friend.

Tiffany loved the wedding album,she said that the photos
look so much better presented on nice backgrounds rather
than just in plastic sheets,here she is looking through
the album
Here's Livy and Kale,they loved my Santa sack,
it makes all the hard work and expense so worth
while.Hes such a little cute,so placid and happy
In years to come he will be bigger than this sack,
and hope fully if I'm gone he will remember his
auntie Carol lol.

Livy said::
"Hers a few photos. Some with Kale and his awesome sack! Its really cool – Thanks again. It must have taken you ages, it will be so cool now we can get it out every year."


Sonya said...

Goodness me Carol that is one gorgeous heirloom santa sack you have made for one gorgeous wee man!! Well done on finishing the wedding album as well. Now I hope you take some time to just 'blob out' and rest! Happy New year to you girlfriend. xxx