Monday, 1 February 2010


I just had to show you this awesome bible,its been handed down the
Noakes family since 1912,Richards Mum gave it to us on our last
trip over there,you would be amazed at how heavy it is
The first entry was done by Richard Noakes,and this
name and a couple of others seams to be a favourite
in the family
When i hold this book it reminds me of those old books you
see in the movies that have spells and potions lol
Ok back to sorting


Sonya said...

Love the bible Carol, its a real treasure. Good luck with all of the packing, I do wish I was close enough to lend a hand. xx

Sonya said...

Hi Carol I keep meaning to send you an email and I will VERY Soon I promise!! Thinking of you and hoping that the move has gone well. Just about to whip up a bithday card, for my Aunts birthday which is tomorrow... as per usual Im not organised at all! Will email you in the next day or so. Hugs from me xx