Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hand made flower Update etc

Well im felling much better after a nice sleepin today,the last 2 weeks have been crazy at work and i keep getting headaches for some reason.Any way today was MY day,i sleeped in then went of to harveynormans to print of some photos,which iv been trying to doo for ages,then went to spot light and got supplies for my hand made flowers,next stop scrapbook studio to collect a kit and have a chat with Lisa,stoped of at the mad butcher for doggie food then home.
Iv sorted my flowers out,just have to put them together now,this takes a while as i have to wait for glue to dry.And my layout for the July challenge is all done and waiting to be photographed tomorrow or today as its nearly 1 am lol,I'm pretty pleased with how it came out,i put extra effort into this as its going to a new home after the challenge...... ;)


Cherie said...

Looking forward to seeing the layout!