Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wonderfull Birthday Gift

What a wonderful surprise i got in the post from

My lovely friend Brenda in Nelson,

For My Birthday.Thank you so much I love

your super card,very neat idea cutting out the paper

in the form of bricks :) will have to borrow that.

And check this cool little scrapwear house,

Would you believe this is the very first time

Brenda has done a little house? Hard to believe

isn't it,guess shes a natural home maker hehe

This is up on my scrappy room wall now,thanks

for helping me decorate my room,its starting to

look very arty crafty now


Sonya said...

Oh so gorgeous.. Brenda sure is a natural home maker, wow, hard to believe she has not done this before!!Carol, your going to need more wall soon!

Brenda said...

Thankyou ladies. It was fun putting it all together, I am keen to do another now..Happy Birthday Girlfriend xx

sue said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!! The wee house is gorgeous!! Lucky you!