Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pin Cushion Chair

 This week I decided to put this super cute  Chair  together.
You can get this at Imagine If HERE 

I started to glue and remembered I need to take photos lol, i am
always so keen to get started I forget.

I chose my paper to cover the back and arms of the chair

I used this lovely vintage red acrylic paint for the smaller
joining parts


This picture shows which parts I painted,

Once the paint was dry I used gold embossing powder to emboss the
back top of the chair and over the painted parts to give a richer look

For those of you that haven't tried using embossing powders.
What I have done here is used a stamp with versamark instead of ink,
then you sprinkle your embossing powder over the area you stamped.
Then shack of excess powder and heat. This gives amazing  results

The photo above I have heated one end so you can see the effect

Next comes the fun part, putting it together

I then added a little pin cushion

 And added some pretty pins

 I was thinking, this would be good at Christmas or Easter with a wee gift
or Easter egg on the chair all decorated up to match the occasion.
Thanks for visiting and have a great week

If you would like to see the other DT girls  fabulous creations
you will find all there links on the Imagine If Blog  HERE


Katrina said...

Love the Chair,and the pins :)

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous and the gold embossing adds a beautiful touch.

Tricia Collins

Nangy said...

Pretty. I never think about embossing even thought I have everything to do it. It added a new dimension to this lovely chair. Well done.

Unknown said...

stunning work, the embossing is clever and gives the chair a touch of elegance, well thought of