Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Altered book page 1 & 2

Ok here's my first 2 pages the top one is the second page, i had a little trouble ,the paper got a wave through it but its still ok, the first page is nice and smooth, I'm not sure if it was the sealer i used that caused this to happen. would love your feed back and ideas on how to stop the paper from getting that wave thing happening.


Sonya said...

Oh Carol your book is looking amazing! Wow!! Love what you have done so far, am keen to get working on mine again after seeing yours!

Anonymous said...

These look great Carol - never given anything like this a go so can't help you sorry. The waves look great - you could always distress them and make them a feature!! Would be interested in what you use as a sealer - and how that works - I am looking to put one of my SYTYCS layouts on canvas but don't want the photo to be damaged if it stays hanging on the wall - as I said I have never attempted anything other than layouts and even they scare me some times!!! - Good Luck!!
Vicki (