Saturday, 26 July 2008

Altered Books

Its 4am Saturday morning and I'm awake thinking about altered books ?? whats with that .

I have been researching these as i am really keen to have a go at this,so if you have done any i would love to here from you, or if you know where i can get good information on the "how tos".

Sadly i had to bow out of Idol as i couldn't get my second challenge done :( but i will follow

along and have a go at some anyway.
The book above i found on the nett, i have put it up to show what i mean, you can see it on Karen's site.. here


June said...

Hi. I love the way you have made a niche and put those little bottles inside it!

You asked if anyone can point you to how-to info. I have a site at that is mostly all how-to information.

Carol said...

thanks so much June,i didn't do this book i just used it as an example, its very cool isn't it. im of to take a look at your site.

CJ Kennedy said...

I love making altered books. I have several in various stages of completion. I found "Altered Book Collage" by Barbara Matthiessen. ISBN 1-4027-1410-6 to be a good place to start. I love the art form because there are no mistakes. Whatever goes. If you don't like it, paint over, burn it, punch holes in it, sew it. So many possibilities. You can see an example slide show of a cowboy book at my electronic portfolio:

Have fun!

Mrs Frizz said...

Stunning colours in that example ... haven't done one myself, but wow, if you do something that looks like that first time round - share with me the how to as well.