Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Calling Doctor Scrap

Check out this beauty!! isn't it just FABULOUS
It looks like a doctors bag
Its made of leather and opens out

I had my eye on this bag for ages,but it was
Way out of my price range,when our local
scrapbook shop closed this was what i brought
when they had there sale.
Only problem is i love it so much i don't wont
to use it lol.It will be great when i head of to
scrap at Jodi's new shop here in Auckland
Scrapaholics wooohooo


Viv said...

Oooooh! Lucky you! Looks too good to put stuff in though! LOL!

Louise said...

this is so fanatstic! I don't blame you for not wanting to use it, it's kind of like beautiful

karenw said...

I am so jealous, this is so funky. Love the lining as well. xx

topkatnz said...

Awesome is the word I think!

Sonya said...

WOW Carol, you will be super flash going to crops with this scrumptious bag! I love it.