Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Skin Art

My son come home to show me his skin ART lol
well that's what they call it now
He loves Dragons,he also has a small one
between his shoulder blades.Its also addictive
Iv been told,us scrapbookers HAVE to have a STASH,
Once you get a tattoo its common to get another,
thankfully he has them placed so if he needs to
he can cover them.Just thought id shear
this with you,looks rather painful to me lol


Patricia Mae said...

That came out good and both being a scrapbooker/card maker with quite a stash of supplies I also have tattoos and yes it's all true. Very addictive!!

Louise F NZ said...

OWWWWW! Looks far too painful for me but it has turned out awesome on him!

topkatnz said...

That's very cool looking skin art - I can totally relate.

Sonya said...

OWWWw ..oh blimmy Carol it looks great on your son, but I sure hope my boys dont get any skin art!! My sister got a little number a few years back and since had it removed, now she just has a horrid scarr :-( I think they look much better on guys than girls...but Im old and just not hip anymore :-) LOL
It really is quite a piece of art isnt it.