Monday, 14 March 2011

CHCH Bottle Drive 14-3 update

Today i received 2 big box's of treasures,I was amazed
at how much was in this one lol .Karen from Inkspiration
In Invercargil,sent out a news letter to all her wonderful
crafters,this is what was left at her shop which she sent
up to me.A HUGE thank you,i am hoping we will
Get a little feed back from some one as to how our bottles
were distributed and maybe if we are very lucky a
few photos of happy smiling kids

Specking of kids, Megan Kapma from Better Scrapbooking
sent this lot of bottles below,which kids had helped to make or
made them selves,they even have a lovely label on them,
and theres still loads in the box,you are all so generous

Thanks for giving and helping this idea become a reality
I just wish i could take them down myself :)


Cherie said...

You are doing a great job...
keep it up you are amazing.
Cherie xx

Brenda said...

OMG This is absolutely Brilliant what an amazing response, everyone is so generous!!!

Sonya said...

Thumbs up to you Carol and everyone who has been so so kind and wonderful and helped out! :-)