Sunday, 27 March 2011

A wonderful gift

Sonia sent this bottle to me when she sent

up the ones for the chch bottle drive,I decided

to open it once i had filled all the bottles i had

for the kids.....Well it took a little longer than i thought

to do that lol,but today i sat down and enjoyed

pealing of the layers,it was so much fun just opening it.

There was a lovely note attached

and the nicest poem on the bottle
Bottle before i opened it
And this is what came out!!!

some gorgeous bits for me to play

with,i have no idea how she fit it

all in there,also some sweet treats,

and check out the frog stamp,awesome,

i love frogs :)

Then i saw this cute little parcel,all wrapped

and tied with a bow,another surprise!
WOW this is gorgeous,I was felling a little

disappointed that i couldn't go to Kay's craft weekend

but I'm felling pretty happy now :_)


Brenda said...

It is Amazing how many goodies can be stuffed in to a bottle!!! I love the friends poem it is so meaningful!! Enjoy..

Sonya said...

Pleased this brightened your day Carol. I hope the lollies dont taste like lavender by now :-D

Jane said...

So lovely to recieve such an awesome surprize Carol you certainly are a very well deserving lovely lady.Look forward to a chat in April at AE are you doing any classes??

Carol said...

i know,how spoiled am i :) yes im doing 4 classes now class 1/3/4 and 8, what about you