Saturday, 21 February 2009

ATC Swap...Cats

These are the cards from our last ATC swap, What i love the most about doing these is how different they all are,we all start with the same theme but create totally different looks.There is a list up for the next swap if youd like to join in HERE The theme this time is the "sea".

Its been a really weired week for me, on the work front we spent this week waiting to find out who the six people were that were going to be made redundant! it was really stressful not knowing and every one was on edge and worried,we found out on Friday and thankfully i am not one of the six, I also got a call from my sister,she was made redundant last week. My son is returning home as the flatting thing went bust, and my mum hasn't been coping to well with the heat and I'm a little worried about her so I'm of to see her tomorrow.

I wont to get the February sketch done, i love the look of it but cant find a photo that suits it! so i have a great big messy pile of photos and nothing to show for it lol . Check out the sketch HERE and be in the draw for a shopping voucher at SBS.

Hopefully il be back to load my finished take on the sketch lol thanks for visiting my Blog


Sonya said...

What a mixed bag you have had this week Carol. I do hope next week brings only bright happy moments. Will it be nice having your son back home?? I do not think our eldest is EVER going to leave. LOL!!
Hope your mum is feeling better when you visit.

Danice said...

hope next week gets more settled for you at least, and bloody hell, i couldnt resist joining the ATC swap now ive got my biggie one out of the way :D

Anonymous said...

Loved all the ATC's Carol, thanks for hosting, must start up the ATC Dares again for 2009!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, you box turned out awesome! Finally got my rubber stuff yesterday, dying to have a go but working every night, going to try it out at Scrapcamp. Sure you don't want to hitch a ride with me I'm sure its not too late!! After all you kept your job.....LOL

Anonymous said...

P.S: can't believe your son moved back!.....LOL