Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The every day stuff [Music]

I decided to stay with the 12x12 size as i already have some that size and also the smaller size limits what you can add.I have scraped my favourite song at the moment "I'm yours" il probably get sick of it before long lol. I found a great site and have started up a play list for my self so now when im scraping all my favourite songs play and NO adds or talking,just pure music. If you would like to join in with the next [scrap the every day stuff] check us out here
And if your interested in the play list site its here
You can hear this song :)


Sonya said...

Very cool playlist Carol, thankyou for sharing that link! Just letting you know I have another blog award for you on my blog! Cheers!

Sonya said...

Just wanted to let you know Carol, that I have been scrapping up a mess tonight, and am just putting the finishing touches to my Fav' song page! Turned out way different to the plan in my head! LOL!

Anonymous said...