Monday, 9 February 2009

SENZ 2009-Blog award

Firstly thank you so much for this lovely award Sonia,that's so sweet of you :) now the rule is i have to say one nice thing about the man in my life like Sonia i find this very easy,He is my best friend and has the patients of a saint :) Next list six ways i measure my success in my life.

  • 1] Having a loving husband
  • 2] raising 2 healthy happy boys
  • 3] having friends that care about me
  • 4]knowing i have made a difference in someones life in a positive way
  • 5] being happy and content
  • 6] creating something for someone and seeing there pleasure in receiving it

Now i pass this award on to 5 fellow bloggers.

So have you checked out the SENZ site? who's going? they are having a charity crop to raise funds for kidsfirst, it should great fun, they are going to go for the record of the longest scrapbook page, take a look here No photos that i can shear just yet but i have been scraping and doing ATC`S lol


Katepai said...

Thanks for passing the award to me Carol. I enjoy your blog and read it regularly. Love looking at your scrap booking.


anne bodil said...

Thank You sooo Much for the award You give me! You have a beautiful blog, and You make Lovely LO.

Have a nice day! :)

Unknown said...

Just checked my blog finally, thank you so muchfor the award carol, made my day :) looking forward to seeing your spoon too ;)