Saturday, 30 January 2010

Moveing house

I thought i would let you know that my blog might be a little quiet for a few weeks as we are moving house on the 11th of Feb,woohoo, i have lots to do between now and then but i am really looking forward to it.I have managed to get my circle journal done and ready for post of on Monday,i was getting worried as my moj had taken a back seat and sorting out the house was all i could think of.

Today is a lovely sunny day so of to sort out junk in the garage,talk to ya soon

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Trip to coromadel

Richard and i had a glorious 3 days in the sun.

its been ages since we have been away for a break together.

We went to Whitianga,cooks beach then a couple of days in

Tirua where we caught up with some old friends we hadn't

seen for years,it was so nice to see them,it brought back allot

of fun memories for sure.We over indulged in sun and paid

the price lol but man it felt great to be covered in salty water

and sand,theres just something about being at the beach swimming

and baking in the sun that is so reviving,even though we are

told to stay out of the sun.We ate out and had Irish coffees at night

siting out side looking at the stars and listening to the waves lapping.

Arr well back to reality lol