Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Card For A Friend ...... Imagin If DT project


Check out this cool little BOOT

I have used it on a card here

but it lends its self to many other things


I used some left over papers and other little bits and pieces


The verse is from Imagine If Quotes and Proverbs sheet

I would also like to share a box I made for my sister
these are a packet of cats I got from Imagine If.
you can find them here at Fix Design which is
part of Imagine If I had them cut in chipboard I 
really love the fact that they are all different, which
worked perfectly on my box.
I panted them black  to look like silhouettes,  

Then added them to the box I had just finished, Take note
of how the cats look, some are back on some
are side on, I just LOVE these .

Here is the box front on , my sister hand painted the china cat
and I attached him to the top of my box.


Thanks for visiting my blog. If at any time you would

like to know how I achieved a look, please just ask and I can

email instructions

Have a lovely crafty day :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Steeping out .... In my "Imagine If" Boots

This is another Imagine If
  boot, It can be used for many different things,its
heaps of fun to play with.
You start of with the above pieces . Now my first thought
was to make a book out of it but opted to use one half of the shoe only

I went for a fictional boot with mechanical wings just
for fun
Firstly I covered the boot with paper just down to the foot.
The foot piece I painted black. And added die cut cogs and attached with brads,
 I added the pink and black trim down
the front of the boot and put eyelets in to thread my laces through.

 Added some black fluffy feathers to the top of the boot and also
just in front of the die cut wings . Added a few extra bits here and there
and it was done .... walla :)
Thanks for visiting
Imagine If is releasing new cool stuff all the time, so keep an eye on
my blog for other new and cool stuff from Jo at
Imagine If and Fix Design

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Imagin If Design Team Work

Hi all, I'm pretty excited to be  showing you the brand new ( never seen before) Design from Imagine If .

Yep, this is a pretty cool project that is easy to put together. So whether your  a newbie or some one that's been creating for years. Grab this ,get your scissors/ paint/paper /stamps glue and CUT IT, GLUE IT, IMBOSS IT ,Turn it into a book even, Make it yours.


I made a punk style Shoe , using lace/chains/domes/

Tim Holtz propeller/a skull/ flower and I also

found some iron on studs which I love.


 I used silver craft paint and paper, over the top of the dark paper

I used clear embossing powder to create a difference in the texture

of the dark and light coloring


 AND This is what it started out as !!!

Now don't forget to go and checkout what the other

DT girls have done with there shoe, you'll be WOWED


Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I LOVE it when I see a post

It really makes my day :)


 Every thing you see in felt you can get in chip board,

Jo is still loading up the site, and she has lots of

very cool stuff being designed. You can all so get custom cuts how cool is that????

Check it out HERE