Saturday, 31 January 2009

Crackle paint box

Sorry the pictures not great i took the picture at night, i thought i would post it anyway
even though I'm not happy with the way it come out, i knew what i wonted it to be like in my head but just couldn't reproduce that image on my box,but it gives you an idea of where i was going with it. I'm siting here thinking i may rip this of and start again.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Crackle paint

I love the look of crackle paint, here i have a picture of the bottom colour (hazelnut cream) with the top coat (vintage white) sounds yummy doesn't it lol, i got the cute angels (above) so decided to make another box and use the angels on top. It takes a few days to get all the paint layers on and ready to be decorated.So hopefully i will have a nice box to show you soon all going well !!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

ATC Fabric swap

Check out these oh so cute cards, our theme was fabric,these are so cool because you get to see other peoples ides up close.For swap #7 the theme is cats, i saw Sonia's puzzle piece she did for a swap, it is so cool have a look here . You can join us for some fun here

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Wedding layout

Slowly getting thought the wedding photos, i think this will be a year long project! i wont it to
be very special for Tory and Tiff so i will do this in between other things.
I have been doing the floors and washing so this afternoon when its hot i can relax and scrap.
YAYYHOO for long weekends

Friday, 23 January 2009

Dont be Alarmed lol

Hmmm thought i would give the old blog a going over, but looks like i have lost a few pieces in the process, I think i will have to readd my slide shows but never mind i do like the look anyway.
I just hope it hasent mess up my links !!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

ATC Swap

My turn to do the ATC swap , i have just started getting into these cute little cards.
The picture above i found for inspiration
The theme this round is "cats" BIG CATS LITTLE CATS FUNNY CATS anything to do with cats, there are 9 spaces so come
and join us here , some of the ones i have seen have been so beautifully done.
Wont some inspiration? well there is a blog here to. Being new to these i have been looking
at how others do them and wow some people have some very cool ideas, so looks like I'm
hooked lol

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Can you tell I'm excited lol, I have been asked to join the D.T at Scrapbook studio also know
as scrapbooking by design. I am so looking forward to being part of the team ! what a way
to start 2009.

This is my first time on a design team so I'm a little nervous but very exited at the same time.
I spent today moving my computer to my scrap room,i had to pull it apart anyway as my
monitor packed up and wouldn't turn on so had to get a new one (got to love trademe) lol
I also added my new Pinter/scanner i got for Christmas, so I'm all set up next to my stash
no more running up and down the hallway .

Sorry i never got started on my book this week end, I just ended up with to much to do but
will try to get to it next week hopefully .

Above is a box i made for my sister, i stamped and embossed the strips around the edge, i love
my new heat gun :) i used chalks to draw the sun`s and crackle paint,the leopard looks like beaten copper and has diamonds for eyes, i was really happy with the way it turned out and she loves it. Right of to finish another LO before bed lol Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Heritage Sisters

I just love these Websters papers, they lend themselves beautifully to heritage layouts as well
as modern ones. I am really into lace and bling at the moment, lace gives a nice feminine fell.
I brought a new stamp from Scrapbook studio which i used in the layout to make the leaves,
Its going to be one of my favourites, i love it
There is also a DT call at SBS check it out here
I know they are keen to here from people with a cricut machine

Thursday, 15 January 2009

ATC love

Sorry I had to scan this in as its to dark for a photo, Well my first week back at work and my
sleeping is all over the place, partly from the heat and partly just me being me, so what do i
do when i cant sleep .......... make ATCs ! I got this gorgeous lot of gold brocade, its perfect for
these, it gives it a nice rich look which lifts the whole thing.
I will hopefully start on my altered book this weekend, i have everything i need i just have to be brave and go for it lol.........well of to bed i guess catch yas later

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I found Treasure

I just had to shear these pictures with you, I went to my sisters yesterday and we went through
her trunk full of old stuff looking for old photos and we found some great treasures.My Dad had
an artificial leg from the knee down, and all i ever new was he was knocked of his motorbike
on his way home from work, i never new when or where or any details and i guess i never asked because that was Dad, and that's the only way i had known him. I also found a good photo of me and dad together, the few i had were not clear at all,my dad was the sweetest man, looking back now i think my mum got a very special man. Now CHECK OUT the skinny chick up top.......
look at that waist line lol ......... i wonder where that went ??? this is from back left to right..
Richard (now my darling hubby) me ( the skinny chick) Robert a close family friend, and from front left Alan (my brother) and Peter (his best mate, and my sisters boyfriend at the time)
Im so pleased we got photos back then or i wouldn't believe i was that skinny .
I had the strangest day today, i left my sisters about 1pm drove to mums in pukekohe which is about 20 minuts drive, when i got there i had an awful headache and felt a little sick so took a couple of panadole, had a quick cupa tea and set of for home, by the time i got to manukau my head was thumping and my eyes wonted to shut, i got to the off ramp at Mt wellington and parked the car, locked my self in and put the seat back and closed my eyes, trying to relax to stop the banging head,it must have been about 3.30 i guess, next thing i know I'm waking up and its 5.30, my head felt a little better so i headed home..... How weired is that! Iv never had that happen to me. Sort of freaked me out a little.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

One lovely Blog award

Iv have had a awsome day, this morning i did the washing and a few things, then packed up my scrappy stuff and headed to the studio for some quality scrappin time, i arrived about lunch time and left at 9pm. Wish i could do that every week . I will post a couple of pictures later.
And i got a lovely Blog award from Helag @ ARTchix , thank you Helga :)
I think today must have been the hottest day we have had for a very long time,so i was really
comfy scraping at the studio because its air conditioned, it was just to hot to be outside, and my little scrap area was like an oven.

Now i can pass on this award to seven people , this is how it works:

The rules are:
1. Add the logo to your blog.2. Link to the person from whom you received this award.3. Nominate 7 or more blogs.4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are “One Lovely Blog”!

So i nominate

Sonia @
Kelly @
Ingvild @
Beverly @
Louise @
Rachel @

I love reading your blogs, thanks for the inspiration :)
EDITED: added one of my layouts from yesterday

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

altered book tools

Move over Tim the tool man lol i have got some heavy duty altering tools now !!!
Went to the hardware store today and brought the items above. Things you will need

  • Good sharp knife like a box cutter/Stanly knife

  • Adhesives like glue sticks/double sided tape or a good paper glue

  • attachments like eyelets/staples/safety pins etc

  • inks/paints/pencils for colouring pages etc
  • clamps to hold pages together well they dry
  • something to seal pages with, i used a antique sealer last time and a spray sealer
  • for decorating use things like stamps/stencils/masks/stickers/different types of papers/ beads/tags/ribbon/lace/fabric/ Anything that takes your fancy really, just remember don't wont then overly chunky,if you do have something you wont to add that's chunky you can cut out a nish for it.

  • You can also drill holes in blocks of pages and screw them together, which i am going to try on my practice book first lol

  • And of course a book,you wont one with a hard cover

I have put up a few pictures to get you started. I will start a weekly post with information, as i do mine and take pictures, I will start this on Monday the 19th jan as i am away for a couple of days before i go back to work.If you decide to join me in my adventure i would really appreciate seeing what your doing and any tips you can pass on ,and if you have any questions hopefully i can help you with the answer. Im really looking forward to playing with that drill lol

Monday, 5 January 2009

Layout with sparkels

Yay I get to do a girly layout,I called this EARTH ANGEL because her neck brace is called

a hallow, you can see why,I have no idea how K has stayed so happy and positive with this thing

screwed into her head,it stays on for about 3 months , but she has.

The layout looks better in real life as you can see all the sparkles and the blending looks a lot smother

Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Mission in 2009

I have been interested in altered books ever since i saw my first one,I
attempted one but wasn't happy with the way it looked,so over the holidays i have been learning how to do them properly so they stay flat
and in tacked for years to come,the above one was made by Jill Steffy,its on Art chicks site here , so i now have buckets of inspiration and keen to get started. I have also purchased a great book with the techniques you need
to end up with a "hopefully" stunning piece of art to pass on.
So if anyone is keen to do one i will post the "how tos "once a week so
we can make our own master piece .