Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Scrapping February

I did this layout for Birds of a feather ,I

also entered it in southern girls.

Monday, 28 March 2011

new arrivals...

To day i had 2 delivery's,these lovely bottles come

all the way from Sharon in Balclutha,they look great This box was put together by Lynda and her two children,Katelyn and Max from Napier,they did a smashing job decorating them. Brenda has kindly collected some from Kay and Vicky and is sending them up with all hers,you ladies rock This is a box i was packing up last night, i sent 2 more lots off to day, to the sellys in chch,So far i have sent of 41 bottles and thats not counting the ones that arrived today.They have come from all over the place,it really gives me faith in the human race to see that people care about other people still. My Mum always told me "giveing is so much better than reciveing"

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A wonderful gift

Sonia sent this bottle to me when she sent

up the ones for the chch bottle drive,I decided

to open it once i had filled all the bottles i had

for the kids.....Well it took a little longer than i thought

to do that lol,but today i sat down and enjoyed

pealing of the layers,it was so much fun just opening it.

There was a lovely note attached

and the nicest poem on the bottle
Bottle before i opened it
And this is what came out!!!

some gorgeous bits for me to play

with,i have no idea how she fit it

all in there,also some sweet treats,

and check out the frog stamp,awesome,

i love frogs :)

Then i saw this cute little parcel,all wrapped

and tied with a bow,another surprise!
WOW this is gorgeous,I was felling a little

disappointed that i couldn't go to Kay's craft weekend

but I'm felling pretty happy now :_)

6x6 Boys Album

I love this paper for boys,I found the boy album
much easier because i used my own style more (messy)
I have left some pages very plain so they can decorate
them selves,so i have put in the left over papers for this .
Also some pages look like they are a different colour,they
arnt,it just i have a new camera and was playing around
a little lol

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

6x6 girl album

This was made to give to at risk kids in chch

Scrapin patch put out a call for people to make

these and send down.I found it really hard not

to add alot of stuff lol but i got there,i am doing

one for a boy as well,so think that will be easier

now i have done one.I went all out with pink as

i don't get to do girly things to often.It just

has to be bound now and its all ready for them

to add there photos and journaling.

Just a note: We are doing a ATC swap over at Birds of a feather,

Check it out here

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bottle drive for CHCH..Closeing date

Hi all, Just a quick note to ask if you can get your bottles away by the end of this month
please,as i only have x amount of tickets for freight so wont to fill all box's before i send.I will post the total amount sent once i have them all on there way.Thank you all so much for helping make this happen. You are so wonderful

Monday, 14 March 2011

CHCH Bottle Drive 14-3 update

Today i received 2 big box's of treasures,I was amazed
at how much was in this one lol .Karen from Inkspiration
In Invercargil,sent out a news letter to all her wonderful
crafters,this is what was left at her shop which she sent
up to me.A HUGE thank you,i am hoping we will
Get a little feed back from some one as to how our bottles
were distributed and maybe if we are very lucky a
few photos of happy smiling kids

Specking of kids, Megan Kapma from Better Scrapbooking
sent this lot of bottles below,which kids had helped to make or
made them selves,they even have a lovely label on them,
and theres still loads in the box,you are all so generous

Thanks for giving and helping this idea become a reality
I just wish i could take them down myself :)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

CHCH Bottle Drive 12-3 update

Hows every one doing with there bottles? The ones i have
look fabulous thank you.If i haven't supplied my address
or you have lost it just leave a message here or e-mail me,
and i will send it out.

After chatting with the lovely Brenda from Nelson, I looked into finding an appropriate person for those of you
in the south island to send your bottles to,which would
save you a heap on postage or freight,especially if you have
made a few,Her name is Ashleigh,she was one the the comfort
crusaders,If you prefer to send to Ashleigh just let me know
and i will send her address to you.

Thank you all so very much for helping make this happen.