Sunday, 24 August 2014

Trees-posts and things

I really love this paper, such lovely colors,  reminds me of
summer days

Check out these very cool Words from Imagine If 

I really love this tree, i run it through my cuttle bug
to get some texture, then used a mist spray.
You can find this tree HERE

This is a close up of the sign

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pin Cushion Chair

 This week I decided to put this super cute  Chair  together.
You can get this at Imagine If HERE 

I started to glue and remembered I need to take photos lol, i am
always so keen to get started I forget.

I chose my paper to cover the back and arms of the chair

I used this lovely vintage red acrylic paint for the smaller
joining parts


This picture shows which parts I painted,

Once the paint was dry I used gold embossing powder to emboss the
back top of the chair and over the painted parts to give a richer look

For those of you that haven't tried using embossing powders.
What I have done here is used a stamp with versamark instead of ink,
then you sprinkle your embossing powder over the area you stamped.
Then shack of excess powder and heat. This gives amazing  results

The photo above I have heated one end so you can see the effect

Next comes the fun part, putting it together

I then added a little pin cushion

 And added some pretty pins

 I was thinking, this would be good at Christmas or Easter with a wee gift
or Easter egg on the chair all decorated up to match the occasion.
Thanks for visiting and have a great week

If you would like to see the other DT girls  fabulous creations
you will find all there links on the Imagine If Blog  HERE

Tag your it

This week I have a little game for you, below is my tag from Imagine If .The first person that guesses
what the main colour will be on it, will get a gift in the post from me.

Now for our blog hop this week you should have started at Imagine If
and come from Ngaeres  blog before me.
.I really love this tag, its a good size ,
If you got a few of these it would make a great brag book to

First I sealed the tag with Gesso

 I used my Gellie plate to make the back ground color

I mixed my colors, then place the bubbles stencil over the top,
and on top of that went my tag

I really should have got a photo of the tag on its own
but you can see the pattern still, its on the right hand side
of the photo..

next I placed the negative of my large stencil, which is something
no other stencil makers do that I know of, and I LOVE IT
Then  I rolled black on the gellie plate , removed my lady, leaving
it clear of paint where she was as above.

 I then placed my tag color side down, gave it a good roll with the
 brayer . Lifted the tag and this is what you get.

I then used the butterfly stencil to give her wings, I used masking
tape to cover up a small area to get the effect I wonted

Using whipped spackle I filled in the areas I wonted, which gave a
lovely white raised effect

When doing this remove the stencil carefully, so as not to
drag it across the wet spackle

I added this lovely quote from " wings and things" quote sheet
I love these sheets, makes adding little quotes and sayings so
easy. Some times my brain just wont help me out .

Added a few bits and bobs .and  here's the finished tag

Below are the 3 stencils I used from Imagine If

Due to Jo being so busy with 1 craft show after another not
all of the stencils are up on the site, but you can e-mail Jo
and she will get you sorted out.

Drum Roooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll  The winner of my blog prize is
   Marilyn Gunn , the answer was Black.
Thanks for playing ladies.

Your next stop is at Tash`s blog HERE

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Vintage Girls world

Hi  all and welcome to another exciting week of seeing so of Imagine Ifs new products on display
   If you have come from Tash`s Blog then your in the right place, if not you need to start at Imagine Ifs
   Blog HERE
This week I have done a canvas, using two of Imagine If stencils to
make my back ground. See below.

A lot of stencils haven't been loaded
onto the shop yet as poor Jo hasn't had a chance to catch here breath yet,
So just e-mail her and ask if you would like one until they are up.
I also used a frame and corner piece`s and then painted over them
as I wonted them to blend in and be a part of the back ground

Next I used 3 different sprays. Tattered angels glimmer mist "tiger lily"
and "sunshine. To get a little more darkness in the corners I used
Dylusions "black marble. You can see the back ground show here.

This is just a close up for you

I then used a small piece of bubble wrap which I inked with
jet black archival ink  and doted it about randomly .
I had a play with a few flower :) as you do
I knew I wonted to use this awesome dress form  and the words "vintage girl"
and maybe the key, but decided the key was to much

Added  half a film strip and some cogs which held the Tim Holts film strip.
The gorgeous lades I cut from a paper arts paper arnt they so cool :)

This is a super close up so you can see my back ground.
Oh and I covered the dress form ( which is stunning on its own)
with some bits I had in my stash and used Good old Tims
distress ink on the lace to show the pattern up more and help
it blend in.

If you would like to check out the Imagine If online outlet
Click HERE
Thanks for playing along with us this week. Your next stop in the hop is
Ngaeres Blog HERE
Just a quick demo on how to get the raise back ground using a stencil
This is a stencil I had on my table, it just arrived from Imagine If .
with this one I am doing a specific area, but when doing a back ground
with a pattern I jut hold the stencil down and randomly apply the past.
The pot below is what I have been using, there are a few different
types, this one dries clear, some dry white, it has a very thick consistency

With this stencil I have used some masking tape to cover the top
part so the past doesn't go through as im pretty rough lol

I have covered  around the edges so I can use my mister to colour
the back ground.

Back ground has been done
Next I will place the wing pattern part over my back ground of
blue spray as below

Then using some thing with a nice clean flat edge (I am using an old credit card)
scoop out some past and spread it over the stencil until all the gaps are full.

Then carefully remove the stencil and there you have your raised surface.
When doing a back ground (all over pattern) when this is dry,
you cab paint it or use sprays.

Here I just wonted to show you the raised edge

Have a play, this is a fun process .
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