Sunday, 25 April 2010

more of the mini album

If you've never been on a scrappin camp/retreat , i recommend you try it,you don't have to know anyone because every one is always so friendly and helpful,believe me its a blast hanging out all

weekend with a bunch of people into the same thing you are.

Sorry the photography's not the best,but my camera was on the wrong setting lol,i was in a rush to get the photos before the sun went down. Thanks for dropping by

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mini album

I totally love going to camps and retreats,and really enjoyed going to the scrapinpatch one,which was there first one.Any way i have been to about 3 i think and a PJ party lol so i have decided that for each camp/retreat i go to i am going to do 1 layout for my 12x12 album and a mini book,
this is the front cover for the scrapinpatch one.Because they are small i can use up a lot of scraps,this album doesn't have very large rings so i haven't used bulky embellishment's,i will load the other pages when im finished.