Friday, 21 March 2008

Wont a challenge for easter weekend

Here's what i did with the sketch ,I'm using this for NZ Dares ( use a she saying)
"She run ahead where there were no paths..Celebrate her Bravery"
She came to nz on a boat from England that took something like 7 weeks to get here, she was alone and had a baby,she had come to nz to look after her sisters children as she had died in child birth, my gran had married a man that turned out to be abusive so she left him. Imagine leaving your husband back then let alone traveling all that way with a small baby not knowing what was in store for you, I think she was brave.

Sketch by Trina McClune

I found this sketch on the nett and really liked it,So if your staying home like me you might like to have a go.You have until midnight Monday 24th march,Just to add a little fun, I will draw a winner on Tuesday and send out a little something. Just post a link back to your layout here.

Have a great weekend


Bev said...

I have done the challenge thanks Carol its in the scrapbooking by designs Gallery - will update my blog with it too

Raewyn aka whinney said...

Great layout Carol. Trina McClune designs the best sketches doesn't she?

Bev said...

Great Layout Carol - she was very brave

Liddy said...

Love your layout Carol, it's awesome and yes she was very brave.

Nic said...

Hi Carol - my take on this sketch is posted on your thread at scrapbox :) Thanks for the awesome challenge~~

Liddy said...

Have uploaded mine to my Blog, late but there. TFL