Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Pictures of Fiji

I had such a great time, it was awesome getting all the family together for the wedding. Saturday and Sunday it rained, but it really doesn't matter there because it is so hot you just wonder about in it,we had to move everything inside for the wedding, the people there were so neat,nothing
was to much trouble, just amazing. We went to Nandi (just 4 girls) and i cant say the same about that place! to be honest its pretty scary,you are a target for all the wheelers and dealers,i couldn't
get out of there fast enough. They had just started harvesting the sugar Cain,every day we would see this little train loaded with the Cains, probably about 20 little carages,it reminded me of Thomas the tank engine lol. At night all the frogs and geckos come out,really cute to watch,oh
and they had a crab race, it was hilarious, 1st prize was the first crab to cross the line, then he put them all back in the middle and we went again for second prize ( which was the ninth one out) then same again but this time the winner was the last one out.The sea life is awesome, and the water is soooooo warm.like a warm Barth,I don't usually drink but found i acquired a taste for Pinacaladas,is that how you spell it ? every night i would have one,im missing them already hehe. thanks for doping by
look forward to catching up with everyone and the competitions.......Carol


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic's Carol - glad you had a fab time