Wednesday, 20 August 2008

5.30 am

Iv been up since midnight, my son had to be at the airport by 4am ,today hes of to Perth to
a new job, its a weird felling saying good by and not knowing how long it will be till you see each other again,now I'm wide awake but fell tired if that makes any sense!! The birds are already awake and singing. oh well new begings i guess . Of to do a little surfing then hopefully sleep.


Roo said...

I am sure your son is going to have an awesome time - what an adventure. Hang in there Mum. Hugs to you.
Hope you can slip in a wee nap this afternoon sometime :-)

Niella said...

I'm w/ Roo:) He's off to have big adventures. Email me if ya wanna have a yak:):)

Carol said...

thanks so much girls for your lovely comments, Im fine and i am excited for him to, it is just a little weired lol ((((hugs))) to you both