Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas goodie bags

That Christmas felling is starting to kick in at last, i have been busy making goodie bags, the one above is my all time favourite,each year
i buy abut 20 of these cute mini kit bags from the $2 shop, they cost
$1 each, then i decorate them (im loving the bells i got this year) and
add treats, I send these overseas ,and to a few special friends here
in New Zealand, I add things like NZ made products for over seas such as
some of our delicious moisturisers, Rotourua mud soap,kiwi fruit face cream etc, for my NZ friends i add things i either know they like for eg:
I have done one with lip gloss and nail polishes in it and another has
a voucher and lose chockys in it. They are easy to post or deliver and theres no limit as to what gos in them,also were shearing a little bit of Kiwi with the rest of the world .
Hope your all in joying this super weather we have today. TFL
Edited: I have just reloaded this post as the last one had a link to a porn site :( grrr I think i will have to use the moderate posts thing from now on as it takes ages to re post and if anyone has left me a nice post that gets deleted to .