Sunday, 7 December 2008

Drum roll .,.,.,.,,.,.. Winner is

Hi all, sorry im a little late posting the winner, I loved reading your blogs
AND THE WINNER IS ......... Mrs Frizz , please send me
your post details and i will get this away ASAP
Only 2 working weeks left for me till im on holiday and i am sooooo
looking forward to that. Have a great day and injoy the awsome weather
Thanks for joining in


Mrs Frizz said...

Oh wow, that's me ... thank you for pulling my name out of the Cappucino cup ...

Mrs Frizz said...

All of a sudden that sent ... don't know why ...

I was about to say that I haven't got your email address on this new computer ... so remember how you contacted me last time ... you are going to have to do it again ... lol.

Thank you!!!

Carol said...

lol cant remember what i did, but i have sent you a private message at sketch book with my e-maik in.
I hope you injoy your goodies