Thursday, 12 March 2009

A apple a day!

I love the look of this apple lol i wont to eat it! no really i did this for a mag,they wonted different shaped layouts so i went crazy and made an apple shape,Lisa kindly cut it out on her machine,
they didn't take this one,but did take the other one i did. I used a thin piece of card behind the paper to keep it flat.
I have finally finished my ATC`s it took me ages to get them finished this time,i just couldn't get motivated,i think i just had to much going on, I'm not happy with them but i did complete them all, that's all i can say.
We have had some awful weather the last few days..... it fells like winter is here already!!!
the only good thing about it is more scraping will get done.
of to look for my slippers i might be needing them tonight brrrr


Mrs Frizz said...

Love that apple!!! I've got an old apple post it note sitting on my desk at work ... keep forgetting to blow it up ... would be a great shape for a New York layout and I've got a few of them to do.

Mrs Frizz said...

Oops ... it posted before I was ready ... congratulations on the one to be published. You will have to tell where it will be.

Niella said...

wahoo Carol! Thats awesome news!

I {h e a r t} apples...but you already know that! Giggles.

xx Nie.

Sonya said...

YE HARR For you Carol!! Congrats on making the mag! Love your apple page, super cool! I know just how you feel about the ATC's I had so much trouble that I am staying away from this next swap. Its really hard going from large scrap pages to tiny ATC's!

Anonymous said...

Carol ...this is amazing...can't wait to see your other one the mag did except!
You go girl