Monday, 15 June 2009

Where does my path go??

I have been searching for old photos of me to use in my new "pieces of me" album I'm starting. As iv been finding photos memories of back then flood back,its been a long time since i looked at some of these photos,and its started me thinking about the paths iv taken so far in life and where
I'm heading now.I fell like i have been marching on the same sport for years and if i don't start marching forward soon i might run out of time! time for what! i don't know lol. But i will ponder that.
I think i will make a list or a mini album with things that i wont to achive,might be interesting to see what i come up with!


Sonya said...

Love your idea of a mini album with things you want to achieve,having goals and something to aim towards is a good thing isn't it, but dont forget to enjoy your life for what it is today because we just dont know what tomorrow may bring!! I love your page and always enjoy seeing photos of your 'yester year'

Unknown said...

beautiful lo carol, good luck with the soul searching :)

Lynda said...

Wow Carol you have been doing alot of thinking.Have fun creating your mini album.I love your fantails.Where did you get them.Are they a stamp?