Sunday, 2 August 2009

Whos bed is it??

Its been cold and wet here,today the sun come out for a bit which was nice.I went to do the bed and look who i found,she doesn't just lay in the sun,she lays on the pillow in the sun lol

When i said "what are you doing Missy,she looked at me like....please don't move me I'm comfy here, look...So guess il change the bed later , shes a spoiled little ratbag lol.
Hope your haveing a lovely weekend and geting some sun where you are.


Sonya said...

ORRrrr thats one wise moggie, and isn't she ever so gorgeous!! I love cats and used to have 7 of them. Now Cody has dogs so no hope of getting another cat until him and his dogs leave home:-(
Love your photos!

Cherie said...

oh yeh, she is your baby alright. xx

Unknown said...

aww looks like she found the perfct spot in the house :D

Jude said...

She is just like my Boy, Touch me and look out, Im chillin, dont you just love em???? Carnt wait to see you scrap these photo's.
Just love it love it love it.