Thursday, 25 February 2010

JimmyClicks site

This is a new site starting in April,I just had to shear this with all my scrappy friends. I have registered and payed my $10 yearly fee,and that's all you pay,check it out here


We are pleased to welcome you to the JimmyClick website.
This page will set out the terms and conditions ("the Terms") on which you use the Jimmyclick website ("the website").
JimmyClick means Jimmyclick New Zealand Limited and its successors and assigns, being referred to in the Terms as "JimmyClick", "we", "us", and "our".
Before you proceed into the JimmyClick website and use the JimmyClick services you must read the Terms to ensure that you are satisfied with the rules and requirements for use of the website. By entering into the website and using the services provided by us you indicate your unconditional acceptance of the Terms and your agreement to be bound by them. This agreement by you creates a legally binding contract between JimmyClick and you as to how you may use the website. If you do not accept the Terms you should not proceed into the JimmyClick website or use the JimmyClick services.
The Terms apply to any person who accesses the JimmyClick website, whether they are a JimmyClick member, or are accessing the site as a guest.
The provisions of the Terms are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to update the Terms at any time. We will ensure that the current version of the Terms is always posted on the JimmyClick website so that you will be aware of our requirements for website use. You should regularly check the Terms on the website to ensure you are aware of the most up to date version of the Terms.
Becoming a member of JimmyClick
The JimmyClick website allows members to upload their digital photo pictures to the website and order prints which JimmyClick will then have printed by a photo processing laboratory and transported to the purchasing member ("the services").
If you are over the age of 18 years you can become a member of JimmyClick by completing the registration form on the website, including providing information such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and an account password. Membership costs $10 per annum ("the membership fee"), which amount shall be reviewable by us at our sole discretion and which will be payable by you to JimmyClick by credit card payment on completion of the registration form. Your membership account will be activated once JimmyClick has received payment of the membership fee.
Your membership of JimmyClick will automatically terminate after one year unless you renew your membership by paying the membership fee for a further years membership rights.
How JimmyClick works
Members of JimmyClick upload their personal photographs via the JimmyClick website and in turn receive free advertisement supported photos. These photos will be posted free of charge to their nominated delivery address.
Each photo from JimmyClick will come in a 6x4 format. Each side of the photo will be boarded by perforated tear-off advertising.
Jimmyclick does not provide electronic storage of the uploaded photos.
JimmyClick reserves the right to limit the number of photos uploaded and printed.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to get any printed yet?

Carol said...

Hi,yes i have,they are not to bad,i think it depends on your camera a little,it took a couple of weeks to get them back.Give it a go,its free lol