Monday, 29 March 2010

Scrapp camp in CHCH

They got us all to make a name badge for the camp,which was great
so we all new who was who so to speak lol. This is my badge with
Mr hooters holding my name
And here are some of the other badges the were made.They got us to
put our badges on the table then every had a vote .
And the winner got this awesome pack that Robbi made
crammed full of goodies,and i was the lucky winner
I haven't opened it yet,i actually love how it looks,
so I'm thinking i might make something similar to hang
in my scrap room.
And look who i found lol the lovely Jane

Here we are hard at work creating and having

Well its been a while since i have had something i could post on my blog ! I went to the SP camp
in Christchurch, I left on Thursday night and spent Friday in Christchurch just wondering about and checking out things,i sat in the square and watched the free entertainment sipping coffee,it was a stunning day,sunny and clear,then i went around all the market stands and brought a few bits and pieces.

I caught a bus out to the camp,so it was a little adventure for me before i even got to camp lol.
I`m having my layouts sent back as i didn't trust the bag men on the plane,so when
it arrives i will post some more pictures.


Jane said...

LOL great photos Carol I look sorta drunk lol was that wine night hic hic......
It was lovely to catch up with you again and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon drop me an email with your addy we should get together for a scrappy day..

Vicki said...

You so deserved the wins Carol. Was great meeting you and look forward to seeing you at the next camp. LOL

Sonya said...

Love your little Who! Sorry I wasnt able to be there with you :-(
Looks like sooo much fun. Pleased you had a lovely time and collected lots of goodies...well deserved.

topkatnz said...

Your name badge was just awesome Carol! a well deserved win!