Thursday, 13 May 2010

just a little rambling

I got some new photos of Kale tonight and i found
myself smiling as i scrolled through them.
Hes growing so fast,iv never meet a child that
smiles and giggles as much as this little guy,
even though he hadn't seen me for months i
got big beaming smiles when i went over last
and those eyes are always wide and alert.
Hes even having swimming lessons,and yes in case
you don't know (like me) the beads around his
neck are teething beads lol i asked liv why
she had put beads on him!!!! as i haven't seen
these before,guess I'm a little out of touch.


Cherie said...

Great pics. Hey I only had kids 6 years ago and I did not know about these beads! Cute photos.
Cherie xx

Sonya said...

Orrr, super cute! LOL, we are getting old Carol, Ive never heard of teething beads either :-)

topkatnz said...

Just recently caught up on the bead thing - weird!

Jane said...

Its a new one on me Carol your not alone Jack had a soft squishy ring I used to cool in the fridge....