Sunday, 30 January 2011

Auckland anniversary weekend

We get a long weekend,Monday is
Auckland's anniversary yay no work.
So Hubby and i drove to my sisters
at port waikato,we collected mum
on the way.
It was a beautiful day,warm and sunny
and just a gentle warm breeze,so we
went for a walk along the beach. The
beach is a little wild but has all these
neat rock polls and holes in the rocks
Above is Hubby pointing out the surfers

We had hot roast chicken rolls for lunch
and brandy snaps and waffles with cream
for afters yummmyyy lol

Mum decided she didnt wont to
be photographed lol

This is Maumau,hes a sierex cat
which means he has no fur,hes covered
with a silky feel like a shammy cloth,hes
my sisters baby as she lives alone,hes
great entertainment that's for sure lol.

We had a great day out,my sis always
makes me laugh shes such a scream.


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