Friday, 16 September 2011

Gift Box

It was my lovely cyber friend Sonya's Birthday,she

Inspires me so much in many different ways,

and i love every thing she creates.

I made this and filled it with nice oils and

candles,I have been doing some altered art

things lately,so will post them once I'm finished.

I hope this fills your house with lovely relaxing
smells.Happy Birthday :)

PS: I used Sonya's photos because they are so much clearer than mine


Brenda said...

I love everything about this Carol you have made an awesome job. I bet Sonya was rapt with it!!

Sonya said...

Sonya was very rapt indeed Brenda!Was I lucky or what! My little burner has been moving around the house with me. And the lovely holder sits on my desk and is a constant source of inspiration! Thank you Carol xx