Sunday, 5 February 2012

Smash It Book

This is my smash it book, I started this book as a

distraction/record for my self when i stoped smoking

8 days ago, but I'm not counting haha.
I have made my self some promises this year and

i am going to keep them.... no what

excuses at all. I have to say these smash books could

be used for many things,but i like the idea of it being

portable.If your doing one your self i would love to see it.


Brenda said...

Ohhh this is looking Fabbo Hun.. I love it very much and you are doing soo well am real proud of you.. Have I said that all ready ? well im telling you again.. Keep up the good work. xx

Sonya said...

Awesome job and such a cool idea.

Carol said...

I tried so very hard not to start smokeing again,i lasted for 16 weeks,then with all that happened ,and hubby away for 3 weeks i caved...I was so angery with my self,i trashed this book.
I am going to try again after christmas this year