Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Autumn Escape 2012

These moulds are just so cool,i got some resin today so

iv been having a play

The detail is so amazing

Oh NO another addiction haha

Below is a page i did at AE,just have to add the

date and names

Parades grid it class was great

Below is the layout challenge i did,we

had to use pink paisley

This tab it book was my favourite class,

Just a little to do then its finished

Thanks for comeing to visit


Dianne H said...

Gorgeous layouts and projects from Autumn Escape. Looks like a great time. Love the resin moulds too. Look forward to seeing how you use them. Are you going to AE Spring Edition?

Sonya said...

Yummy yummy moulds!! And wow to your projects Carol!Love them all. Gorgeous tab book, do you have anything on the inside yet?

Carol said...

No spring editon for me,i would love to do some of the arty stuff they have planed.

Carol said...

not yet sonia,still have to add the ABC tabs and pages

Jane said...

lOve those moulds Carol if you ever want to make a sell some flick me an email I would certainly be a regular customer...

Brenda said...

Ohhh AwESOME.. Love these LO's and the book is just gorgeous.. Well done you...xx

margnetic name badge said...

not yet sonia,still have to add the ABC tabs and pages