Saturday, 19 April 2014

Steeping out .... In my "Imagine If" Boots

This is another Imagine If
  boot, It can be used for many different things,its
heaps of fun to play with.
You start of with the above pieces . Now my first thought
was to make a book out of it but opted to use one half of the shoe only

I went for a fictional boot with mechanical wings just
for fun
Firstly I covered the boot with paper just down to the foot.
The foot piece I painted black. And added die cut cogs and attached with brads,
 I added the pink and black trim down
the front of the boot and put eyelets in to thread my laces through.

 Added some black fluffy feathers to the top of the boot and also
just in front of the die cut wings . Added a few extra bits here and there
and it was done .... walla :)
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Anonymous said...

Oh what fun - it looks fantastic :)

Cherie said...

Stunning work Carol. Awesome details.

Carol said...

thanks, nice to have a comment xxx :)