Saturday, 13 December 2014

Think of others at christmas

Hi all . I always try to do something nice for some one, at lest once a week, it doesn't have to be huge ,
it could be as simple as a hug ,having a coffee with or buying a coffee for some one.
I found this list and thought it would be a good thing to share with every one.  Try it, it also gives you
warm fuzzies so you get something back as well.

For many people Christmas is a stressful, lonely and unhappy time. Imagine how good it will feel for both you and the person you help when you do something unexpected. Here are some ways you can help someone else this Christmas:
  • Pay it forward — pay for the person behind you inline without notice
  • Give someone a ride
  • Give a flower or bouquet
  • Cook somebody a meal
  • Smile at random people
  • Give hugs
  • Pay someone’s bills
  • Babysit or petsit
  • Walk your friend’s dog
  • Have a meal with someone you know or someone eating alone
  • Go grocery shopping for somebody else
  • Clean someone’s car
  • Clean someone’s house
  • Help someone get a job
  • Give food to the hungry
  • Buy or donate clothing
  • Give a dollar, some change, or any money you can
  • Work at a shelter for the homeless
  • Give someone a coffee or cold drink
  • Adopt a family in need
  • Buy holiday gifts for people in need
  • Participate in a food drive
  • Buy a meal for those in need at your grocery store
  • Give your time to any nonprofit that helps those in need
  • Volunteer at an retirement home
  • Take time to listen to your elders, learn about their lives and stories
  • Make an elderly person a meal
  • Help a senior do something they love to do, but can’t do by themselves
  • Fix things
  • Give blood
  • Visit people in hospital