Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Book Ends

Welcome to this weeks post, you are going to love this project.
For some reason bloger is being uncooperative and decided
to reverse my photos, so we are going from finished to starting.

My project is book ends from Imagine If I went for a vintage look

The Tops are cut in a beautiful delicate vine  pattern 

Here is one of the little draws, the handle end
is also mdf, which makes it very strong, this
means your handle will never fall of.

Here's a tip, when glueing your bottom together , use rubber bands
to keep the pressure on so they stay tightly squeezed together well  it dry's 

Here is a close up of the aged look

This is the front of the draw

This is looking from the bottom, as you can see its
very sturdy build, it has two reinforcing beams

To get the old cracked paint look I painted the panels a
very dark brown, next I coated with crackle medium, then 
once this is totally dry I painted vintage cream over the top. 

I covered the bottom in once of the cigar papers ,I love
this range, it works so well for vintage things.

Here I have the bottom all ready to glue


 I am very pleased with the finished  look,
what I love most about MDF products is that
you can mix and match your designs to match
a room. This could be designed to look good
in a boy or girls room simply boy changing this to
camo or pretty bright pink and white. I'm looking
forward to seeing what others do with this kit.
Happy crafting
stay cool

And don't forget to keep checking out the
Imagine if site as Jo is adding a few new items
every month :)