Thursday, 15 November 2007

Altering photos

I have had so much fun playing with photos i thought i would share some with you.
The top photo of my son i altered then added it to a back ground and faded the edges so
it would blend in with the moon, i call this on "MAN IN THE MOON" lol
The bottom one i added a rainbow and a pattered fade around the edges.
You can add any back ground you like
I did these using the free trial, if you would like to have a play go to this link Theres so many different
things you can do.
Now i have done a few the next steep in to get busy scraping them,but first i am going
to have a big sort out and reorganise my stash, i have brought some new containers and
a trolley with 5 large shelves, it also has wheels.
Would love to see your lay out if you use the photo editor.
thanks for visiting