Saturday, 24 November 2007

Well iv been out all day today, it was my birthday yesterday!! yes older but wiser lol
The girls at work had got together and gave me a lovely card and 3 bages of lolies as i have a very bad habit of geting lolies at work, i call them stress relif pills. For dinner i had
a very yummy omlet with bacon and mushrooms, then bigest pancake you ever did see,it was follded over with a hug lump of ice cream and a big bloob of cream, the center was filled with slithers of some sort of soft nut and fresh strawberrys with a yummy sauce it was devine,
but very bad for the waist lol.
Today i went cloths shoping then down to portwaikato beach and spent the day with family and friends, we had a HUGE amount of food, loads of salads, whitebait fritters,musscles,prawns,BBQ
meats,fresh palter of fruiet and nuts,mum made a lovely cake for me and my sister did the food.
So this weekend i think i have eaten in 2 days what i would normally eat in a week! I will post
a pic later