Saturday, 22 December 2007

End of the year

Well finally on holiday waaahooo , we had a lovely lunch yesterday at work and received hampers
full of goodies, don't you love Christmas, you can eat and sleep lol .Went to the last Friday crop of the year last night what a laugh, we had a Christmas game were we worked as teams and had to do things in pairs , Kelly and i were the first 2 up in our team, we had to make a card, her using only her right hand and me using only my left, we were going great until we tried to tie a bow lol the next 2 had to wrap a parcel using right and left hands , with the last 2 one had to be a tree and the other person had to get all the decorations in there box attached to the (person) tree.I think every one had a great night.
I find that everything fits in my box when i leave home ,but when i pack it up to go the lid wont go back on, i finally realised why last night!!! i add to it lol.