Monday, 3 December 2007

on line friends

I have an online friend, we play games together, chat, send each other cards and little gifts and have lots of laughs, we have been doing this for around 5 years now, shes from the Netherlands.
We first meet on a family gaming site called Pogo, she had joined to help her learn English, some times she got her words wrong and people would get inpatient, we had a lot of laughs and started meeting to play often and from here our friendship grew. At the moment her and hubby are on holiday in thailand, she sent me an e-mail asking for my phone number ( she had wonted to call before but i was to shy) can you believe it ME shy lol. Well tonight she called and we chatted like old friends, it was great to hear each others voices for the first time and we seamed to understand each other ok lol. It has just made my day, isn't it amazing that you can form such wonderful friendship with some that has never meet you.