Monday, 20 July 2009

SENZ miss crafty tart 2009

They had a competition at the Crafty Tart stand,you had to make a doll out of your scrap stash.This was my second attempt as the first Tart was a little unstable poor girl and jumped of the table and fell apart...sad sad ...Miss Tart number 2 held it all together for the show hehe.
Haven't heard who won the prize yet,but there were some crafty dolls there.Sadly Miss tart managed to over spend so she has moved in with Kate from crafty tart and will be washing dishes until old age lol


Danice said...

OOH the photo doesnt do it justice - it was gorgeous and i loved the curled paper dress! I think Crafty tart will be announcing winners on their blog so keep eyes peeled!

Sonya said...

Totally gorgeous Carol!! Hehe happy washing up!!

Lisa said...

Your doll is gorgeous Carol, glitzy my kinda, good luck with that!