Tuesday, 14 July 2009

winter sucks

I am so over winter believe me,We live in an old house that we rent for now anyway,its cold in the winter,drafty and dreary,it doesn't catch the sun and after weeks of working in a freezing cold factory and coming home to a miserably cold house i am sooooooooooo over winter,even my scrappbooking is suffering as all i wont to do is curl up in bed as soon as i can.I was looking forward to going to SENZ on Friday as i have never been before and its close to home this time,but i have a wonderful winter power bill to pay,its Large! so even senz has had the edge taken of it,whats the point of going to something like that unless you can shop boohoo Bring on summer PLEASE


Jane said...

Carol my love your not on your own I would dearly love to go too and for the same reasons as yourself and kids am not going to be able to make it .I still have a glimmer of hope for Sundaybuts a tiny weeny glimmer I am over reccesions and winter....(grumpy face:(

Carol said...

we can sit together with grumpy faces {grumpy face:(

Sonya said...

Carol, if it makes you feel any better at all your winter looks breath taking!! What a gorgeous photo.
I to cannot go to SENZ, its just all in the too hard basket AND this morning I received a phone call from my sister to say she and her family were on their way to the airport, they are off to Samoa for the week, tempature was 30 degress...poo hoo :-(( Aint life grand............For some of us!:-(

Cherie said...

Yep - you needed to come and visit me to cheer you up. My power bill for the month is $400 and I didn't pay last month yet... blast. have to face the music now. Didn't get my winter warmer done either - too busy. BUT got my hair cut and coloured to cheer myself up. I am a new women. Ring me if you just want to window shop. You will still lern new things...YOU can't not go.

Lynda said...

Carol I hope you are feeling warmer and more cheerful soon.So I can't help with warming up the weather or your power bill,TAKE CARE!

Enjoy Senz,take a note book and note everything down you like and order it later.
Awesome photo.I have just taken photo's of the sun coming up through the fog.

Have a great weekend.