Sunday, 13 June 2010

circle journal

Some how i missed sues first page,so iv added it here
Above is my front cover,

My subject is friends,because i think

good friends are very important to me.

Page sign in page,with tags ,

opps didn't load the other page lol

intro page 1

intro page 2
The first page was done by Angela,

check out those flower centers.

Angela is from Matamata and has 2 boys
like me

Next to receive the journal was Jean,shes from

Warkworth.I love the embossing on the mesh.

I will have to have a go at that mesh idea

This is sues second page (first page at the top)
sorry but it takes for ever to reload all the picks.
I love the silhouette's,I'm really into them at the moment
Lillis page is defiantly my style lol i love
those old images

This is lillis second page,way to go using
hand writing
And the last entry in my journal was from Ann

Her flowers and scrolls,have a delicate coating
of sparkles that doesn't show that well in the photo.
very pretty
I messed up my back cover hehe,did it around the
wrong way,so had to punch holes on the other side.
Well there you have it,id like to thank you all for all your
had work in making this journal so gorgeous


Anonymous said...

I really like this, it is wonderful and heartfelt. I agree with the sentiments completely.

Sonya said...

Beautiful work ladies!! totally love your circle journal Carol.